Stemin Breitbach
Mechanical Power Transmission Solutions Stemin Breitbach are specialists in mechanical drive technology.


Specials and machining are an Breitbach standard View the possibilities
Specials are an extension of our production of standard products. Our modern range of equipment, including a number of CNC-latches, drills and dynamic balancing machinery, enables us to manufacture every special and accessory imaginable on the basis of drawings provided by our customers or our own drawings.

We also manufacture special V-belt pulleys, rope pulleys, flywheels, tensioning rollers, etc.; to any design required and always in accordance with the relevant standards.
We design, manufacture and distribute clutches and couplings, as well as flexible drives. During its 70 years of operation, Stemin Breitbach has provided effective solutions for OEMs in areas such as compressors, generators, cranes, agricultural machinery, environmental engineering, paper-making machines, pumping systems, transport and sorting systems, fans and wind turbines.

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