Polyurethane-belt drives

PU timing-belts made of high-quality polyurethane elastomers are used for the transmission of high power and torques and as synchronously operating conveying elements.

The ELATECH toothed belts are manufactured in four different designs:

  • ELATECH M&V metre goods – for linear drives or as basic materials for endless welded belts used in conveying equipment;
  • ELA flex SD – endless extruded belts for power transmission;
  • ELATECH iSync – endless belts manufactured from round shapes for power transmission;
  • ELATECH Syncro Max – with these belts the advantages of synchronously running toothed belts are now available for the width range where module belts or classic conveyor belts would otherwise be used.

For conveying equipment there are many different types of coating as well as special solutions in the form of EMF quick-acting couplings or EFT cam screw connections.

The variety of available belt profiles is impressive. There are metric (T2.5 to AT20) and imperial (inch) trapezoidal profiles (XL to XH) as well as HTD, STD and RTD arched profiles as well as the SilentSync (EAGLE Pd) 5M, 8M, 10M and 14M arrow-shaped toothed profile.

There are additionally several flat belt variants for pure lifting applications without synchronisation.
Further information can be found in the ELATECH complete catalogue and in the EAGLE PU belt brochure.

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