Timing-belt drives

Contrary to V-belt drives, timing belts are synchronous drives. The rotation is transmitted in an angle-synchronous way. This is why the official name of this belt is “synchronous belt”. Power is transmitted when the teeth on the belt (positioned in regular distances to each other) fit in the corresponding openings on the pulley. Most timing belts are made of rubber filled with tensile cords made of glass fibre or steel.

The Stemin Breitbach range of timing belt drives includes: SilentSync (EAGLE-Pd) [8M-14M], FALCON-Pd [8M-14M], TOPDRIVE HTD & MUSTANG SPEED & MUSTANG TORQUE [3M-5M-8M-14M], HPPD-PLUS [3M-5M-14M-20M], STS [S3M-S4.5M-S5M-S8M-S14M] und Zöllig (Inch) [MXL-XL-L-H-XH-XXH].
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